Quality Fabrication of Pressure Vessels, Piping Products, and Pipeline Strainers Since 1983


Cone Strainers
Basket Strainers
Flat Strainers
Tee Type (Multi-V Available)
Permanent Inline Strainers
Duplex Strainers
• Spool Piece Strainers
Y Strainers
• Custom Designed Strainers

Fabricated Fittings
• Y Laterals
• Sweep Tees
• True Y’s
• Crosses
• Barred Tees
• End Caps

Plate Products
Spectacle Blinds
Bleed (Drip) Rings
Paddle Spacers
Paddle Blinds
Orifice Plates

Pig Launchers
Pig Receivers

Pressure Vessels
• Carbon and Stainless Steel
• 10ft Diameter and 20ft Length capacity
• Dehydrators
• Scrubbers
• Separators
• ABSA certified Quality Control program and ASME ‘U’ Stamp available

• General Pipe spooling fabrication and assembly

Pipe Supports
• Shoes
• Clamps
• Saddles
• Stands

• Transition Pieces
• Perforated Metals
• Wire Cloth
• Condensate Pots
• Sample Coolers
• Restriction Orifice Gaskets

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